Welcome, and Thank You for taking the time to check out my latest project! My name is Amy Levine.

Over the past several years I have been trying a variety of methods to increase joy, practice present moment living, and stay inspired by the amazing world that I am so lucky to be a part of. I’ve started reading many books designed to help point the way to a passionate life (and I’ve also finished a few). I participated in a mindfulness course and tried coaching. I’ve taken mini-courses in new areas, changed my diet, and focused on yoga. I am trying to become an early riser and gain productivity in the mornings.

While my approach thus far has been comprehensive, it has also been both haphazard and scattered. I’ve dropped more projects mid-way through then I’ve completed and my methods have lacked both structure and accountability.

While there have been positive changes in my life, I still often find myself exhausted by seemingly endless to-do lists of inconsequential tasks, dulled by various social media sites, and overwhelmed to the point of inactivity by the multitude of available options of new things I can try.

This year, I turn 39. This birthday presents a great opportunity to challenging myself to grow beyond the confines of my comfort zone and see what I can learn about myself before I reach my upcoming milestone birthday. As a birthday present to myself, I constructed a 1-year plan to incrementally learn, grow, and amplify joy and inspiration. I’m inviting you to be a part of this project as both a form of accountability and as potential collaborators.

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Happy reading!

About the Photo


I took the photo in this post on Howland Hill Road in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. I’m terrified of heights, and at this point in the trip I’d already had my fill of driving on roads precariously positioned at the edge of a cliff. However, we ran into another couple when we were walking through a redwood park and they highly recommended this drive. I was very skeptical, but my bf convinced me that we should check it out.

It ended up being amazing, and a highlight of our trip. While there were some steep drop offs on this narrow road my fear was quickly overcome by the beauty surrounding us. The stillness, peacefulness, and silence of driving straight through the redwoods was indescribable and awe-inspiring. Giant trees nearly touched both sides of the car and the canopy blocked out the sky.  I try to remember this experience when I am hesitant to try new things due to an old fear that may no longer serve me. I have included this photo as the header of each page of this blog as a reminder that great things can be found outside my comfort zone.