Monthly Challenges

This is a  summary of my monthly challenges. I will also include any updates as I make them.

June – Start a blog. Starting a blog has been a longtime goal (it’s been on my list of yearly goals for at least 3 years). I’ve always enjoyed writing, and in June I’m going to commit to starting a blog and continuing it for the rest of this project.

July – Shift My Perspective. Explore the framework with which I see the world and make decisions. What do I believe to be inherently true that can benefit from re-examining? How can I change my perspective to open my field of view?

August – Fear.  This is the month I am most dreading, but I probably can stand to learn the most from. I want to examine the things I fear and the balance of how that keeps me safe or holds me back. I’d like to end this month with a clear picture of what fears to keep and which I need to work to abandon.

September – Scarcity Vs. Abundance. A lot of the reading I’ve done over the past few years points to the inherent abundance in life. How can I change my outcomes if I approach my time, money, and interactions with a sense of abundance instead of scarcity?

October – The To-Do List Challenge. I am VERY To-Do list focused. I have a weekly list, daily list, and a larger list of things that need to be accomplished. While the daily brain dump is definitely useful to clear the clutter out of my head, I think that adhering strictly to the lists prevents me from benefitting from spontaneity.

November – Sample New Things. I’m interested in everything! I love to cook, work out, learn about health and nutrition, make jewelry, and take classes and read books on a wide variety of topics. This month I plan to pick 4 things, 1 each week, to explore.

December – Month of Recharging. The holidays are often a stressful time for me where I pack extra responsibilities into an already tight schedule. This year I am going to try to turn this around and use the month of December to practice self care and re-examine my workouts, yoga schedule, nighttime routine, and meditation practice. And…avoid the seemingly obligatory junk food as much as possible.

January – Nutrition. I am very interested in learning about health and nutrition and experimenting with the impacts of food and diet. I think this challenge will be well-timed after the holidays. I plan to do a January whole 30 possibly combined with a 30 day sugar challenge. I will also challenge myself to try new recipes and read nutrition blogs, books, or take a class.

February – Month of Giving. So far my challenges have been mainly introspective. In February I plan to focus on giving back. I may volunteer, fundraise, or teach.

March – In Depth learning. In December I explored 4 new things. This month I want to pick one of them as a focus for more in-depth learning.

April – Month of collaboration. Over the past ten months I will have sought out collaboration in each of my challenges. This month I want to focus on the art of collaboration itself. I want to explore what can be achieved if everyone brings something to the table in the classic stone soup fashion. What can I learn from crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, or more tailored collaborations?

May – Month of play. I love toys! More specifically, STEM toys. When I was growing up, an aspiring engineer and maker, there were very few STEM toys geared towards girls. That is changing rapidly. I want to explore how I can contribute to this emerging market.

June – Wrap-up: Month of Introspection. What did I learn? Where did I succeed and where did I fail? What did I love doing? How do I want to move forward and where do I want to focus my 40th year?

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