June Challenge

Start a Blog!

Forest with ferns and moss

It’s my first challenge month! I’m excited to begin this journey, but I’m also feeling the resistance that comes along with starting something new. My fear of failure often inspires inaction, and overcoming that momentum is an arduous task. I’m keeping one of my rules close at hand this month; Take small steps and see where they lead.

This month my goal is to start a blog.

In June I’m committing to challenge my status quo by starting a blog that will continue at least through the one year duration of this project.

Starting a blog has been a longtime goal (it has been on my list of yearly goals for at least 3 years). I enjoy creating connections, collaborating, clever problem solving, and trying new things. I have also always loved reading and enjoy writing.  I’m excited to combine all of these elements to document my year of learning.

. . . Update – Mid July . . .

The weeks in June passed quickly! I did work on my blog site, but I do NOT have it up and running yet. Behind the scenes I am concurrently working on my July challenge (which I’m finding to be a vast and daunting topic…) and I’m keeping my rule #4 in mind (don’t expect perfection, but demand forward motion).

A few weeks ago I happened to pick up a book that has been sitting on my shelf for about a year. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. To be honest, I picked it up because it is small in size, and I was looking for a small book to take with me to the beach. I don’t believe entirely in coincidences though, so maybe I was meant to read this particular book at the outset of this project. Pressfield discusses the resistance that comes along with starting a creative project that you were meant to be doing. It’s funny that when I look back at the first paragraph I wrote here, which was before I read the book, it is clear I was already tuned into the strong pull of this resistance.

One statement in Pressfield’s book gives me hope that I am heading down a promising path with this project. Pressfield states:

“The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel towards pursuing it.”

I’m determined to push through the resistance and not give in to the temptations of procrastination.

About The Photo

Forest with ferns and mossI took the photo in this post in a national park in Northern California. This was a glimpse into the forest from the trail, and I love the ferns and moss that obscure the view. I rarely step off the train in life, but this photo reminds me to keep moving forward – even when the path ahead is unclear.

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