December Challenge


This December I challenged myself to find ways to recharge, despite the stress of the holiday season.

When I originally planned this back in June, my thought was to use the month of December to practice self-care and re-examine my workouts, yoga schedule, nighttime routine, and meditation practice. In reality, I didn’t do any of those things, and instead I allowed the challenge to take on a completely different form. One that I never would have predicted or been able to plan 6 months ago.

Instead of taking the month to relook at the recharging aspects of my everyday routine, I book-ended December with dramatic variations to my typical schedule.

First, for Thanksgiving my bf and I traveled to Florida. We took time to see some close friends and family and spend some time in the sun and in nature. For me, spending time in nature, especially by the ocean, is always an exceptional way to destress and relax. Something about being near the water immediately turns off everything else that is going on in life, makes me forget the to-do list, and focus on enjoying the present moment. We were lucky to get to visit three beaches on our short trip. Each one was unique and beautiful. I am thankful to have had this opportunity to step away from winter for a few days.

At the end of December, I carved out some much-needed time to spend completely by myself. Every year we travel to spend the holidays with family.  But this year, by the end of December I was exhausted. While the year was filled with some great experiences, I felt truly drained. I enjoyed each trip I went on in 2018, each race I completed, and all the time spent with friends and family throughout the year. But I never took enough time for myself to recharge.

Instead of traveling for the holidays this year, I decided to stay home. I was very curious as to how I would end up feeling about this decision when I was actually sitting in my house, alone, on Christmas.

I ended up splitting my time between relaxing at home, connecting with friends, and going to yoga. I was careful not to make too many plans.

I did miss seeing everyone, and I missed the yearly holiday traditions. But, overall, I enjoyed every moment of the time to myself. This was a rare opportunity, a true break to reflect and relax.

About the Photo



These photos were taken at one of the beautiful beaches in Florida. I love spending time by the water and I could walk or sit on the beach for hours.

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