About Me

AmyHi! Welcome to my small corner of the internet. I’m Amy Levine, the voice behind the ToStayInspired 1 year challenge designed to help me break out of my comfort zone and live a more fulfilling life before I turn 40.

I want to share a little bit about myself to provide some context for the challenges that I’ve set out to complete this year. I love writing, learning new things, and solving problems. I’m interested in a wide variety of things, and I always try to do EVERYTHING (usually all at once). In addition to my day job I am a half marathoner, fundraiser, jewelry designer and maker, lampworker, aspiring yogi, girlfriend, AIP and Paleo kitchen experimenter, beach lover,  and novice (iPhone) photographer. I have had some amazing experiences in life and have worked through some difficult challenges.  This year I want to break through the fears and the limiting framework that I have created and has me feeling stuck.  I’m looking forward to sharing this journey!